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The Warriors Gauntlet

Each year of the Sport and Trail Games we add a fun element we call the Warriors Gauntlet.  The gauntlet incorporates fun challenges into the overall event which are not necessarily sanctioned by associations.  There is an entry fee of $25 for each of the Gauntlets, you may enter one or both.  To be eligible to ride the gauntlet, you must have participated in at least one attending association event and provide proof of paying your event gate fee ($15).  For each association event you register for and participate in throughout the three day event, you will earn 10 points.  You also earn 10 points for each gauntlet you ride.  Participants will receive a ticket for each point earned.  Tickets will be tallied on Sunday afternoon at the awards ceremony at 3pm.  A $3k Championship Saddle will be awarded to the individual whose ticket number is drawn (must be present to win)!

In addition to the Championship Saddle, other prizes and ribbons are available to win in the following two Gauntlet events ranking 1rst – 6th place.

Sunday’s Gauntlet

  • An obstacle course judged primarily on time.  One penalty point is added to time for any incomplete obstacle.  One penalty point is also added for obstacles which are disturbed during the course.  A tick against a pole, barrel, etc. will NOT count against the rider team as long as the obstacle remains in place once the maneuver has been completed.  There will be 12 total obstacles ranging in difficulty and finesse.  Horse/rider teams may perform the course at a walk, trot, canter or any combination.  There will be a 5 point bonus for all teams successfully performing EVERY obstacle.
  • Desensitize tip: Horses will be required to bear a flag for a specified distance
  • Scoring
    There will be two scores assigned to each horse/rider team participating in the Flying Course.  As a timed event, the team with the lowest score will win.

Location: Little Wings Flying Course
When: Sunday, 11:45 am
Competition Host: Sport and Trail Magazine

WE United


On Friday there will be a Working Equitation clinic perfect for those new to the sport, or for those who would like to hone their skills.  The clinic is limited to 12 riders.  The clinic begins at noon and is expected to end at 6pm.

Saturday from 2 – 4pm there will be a Working Equitation Demonstration in the covered arena, FREE.

Clinician and Judge: Cindy Branham
$75.00 Clinic Fee
Beginning with the 2018 competition year, all competitors at WE United licensed competitions must be current members of WE United or pay a $15 non-member fee.  Annual membership costs just $25 / individual or $50 for a family (up to 2 adults and up to 6 children). Those participating entirely as schooling or exhibition rides (hors concours) are exempt from this requirement.

Membership in WE United can be applied for directly online or through the mail, by sending in a completed membership application with payment.  More info can be obtained here:

Equine Trail Sports


Saturday and Sunday morning will each consist of an ETS Obstacle Course (OC) at 8:30 a.m.  Ribbons and prizes will be awarded 1 – 6 place each day for Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice.  See registration page for how to sign up for these rides, pre-registration required.

Host: Von Holten Ranch

$41.00 Competitor (Adult)
$24.50 Competitor (Student)
$24.50 Companion Rider

Cattle Sorting


Join us in the arena Saturday evening for 2 1/2 hours of working cattle. Practice or learn in a non-competitive setting the art of Cattle Sorting. Whether it’s your first time, or you’d like to enjoy some practice, this session will be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn.

Fee: $20 per horse and rider team
Host: Unsanctioned
When: Saturday, 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Horse & Dog Agility

Saturday’s Gauntlet

  • A basic obstacle course where rider brings along his/her trail dog.
  • Horses must maneuver obstacles.
  • Dogs may be asked to perform obstacle with rider, or to down/stay during the obstacle, and then follow on command.
  • Commands dogs must be able to perform while rider is on horseback include: come / down / stay.
  • Teams will have three sets of separate scores, one each for the rider, horse, dog.  Points of the entire team will be added together for total score.
  • Each team is required to have a dog handler to manage the dog should it leave the course.  A dog leaving the course will receive a 0 score but does not disqualify the horse/rider team whose points will remain valid.

Location: Covered arena
Time: Saturday, 10am
Competition Host: Sport and Trail Magazine

Mounted Archery Association of the Americas


Thursday Noon – 4:00 p.m. there will be a mounted archery clinic appropriate for beginners or those who are ready to improve their skills.  Participants may also contact Von Holten Ranch regarding purchasing archery equipment perfect for the mounted archer.

$75.00 Clinic participation fee
Instructor: Brandy Von Holten

2018 Mounted Archery National Competition


  • Ground Shooting
  • Stationary Mounted Horseback Shooting
  • Walk/Trot Shooting-Aussie Triple
  • Korean 1-2-3, 90m
  • Country Tough Mystery Shoot
  • Buck Shot ($1 on Friday, $5 on Saturday, $10 on Sunday)

$25 per event for the 3 days, or $100 to compete in all divisions for the 3 days (Buck Shot not included).  Each division will award ribbons and prizes each day.  Based on the results of each day of competition, competitors will be divided into three levels (Sharp Shooter, Dragon Slayer, Warrior)

Sanctioned by MA3, hosted by Country Tough Mounted Archers.

Sanctioned Rides


FREE!  Ride out at Noon on Saturday with NWHA!  Enjoy the miles of trails and log your ride hours for NWHA awards.  Open to all breeds.  DOUBLE HOURS: Those that ride and are members, the hours in the saddle will count as double hours.  Anyone who would like to join NWHA may do so and start logging their hours to compete for end of year high points in our Trail programs, TRIP and CHIP.

For information about NWHA Trail Programs or to become a member, visit the website:



Ride along with NASMA at the Sport and Trail Games!  Enjoy DOUBLE HOURS during this weekend’s events, and ride with your own group or join another.  Ride at your leisure and log those hours throughout the weekend!

NASMA’s yearly membership is $30 and the one time fee for the VTP (Versatility Trail Program) is $30. However, new riders who sign up to be a NASMA member at the Sport and Trail Games, can get a 2018 membership for $5 since it expires December 31, 2018 if they purchase a 2018-2019 membership.

Serving the Long Ear Lovers with Mule and Donkey Registrations, Shows, a strong emphasis on youth participation and VTP Awards hours on the trails. Amateur Membership includes Novice and Silver Divisions!  Competition Points are kept on NASMA members’ mules and donkeys which helps to determine sires and dams that when crossed are producing top-quality performance mules and donkeys.  Learn more:


Ride Free – Double Hours!

$5.00 2018-2019 annual membership
$30 One time VTP fee


Open to all breeds.  Head out on the trail with a scheduled ride, or follow the trail markers with your own group and log your miles with Top Trail.  Top Trail members are eligible for Lifetime Mileage Honors, Monthly Top Trail Horse Challenges, Quarterly Top Trail Rider Challenges, as well as Breed and Trail Association Ride Programs, as they are added.​​

FREE!  To log miles with Top Trail and be eligible for program prizes and awards you must become a Top Trail member.  To learn more about Top Trail or to join visit the website: